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The Dare Collective 

Brian Finch is a longtime storyteller, world citizen and co-producer of "Tales of..." 

He earned his "Dare Emeritus" status in storytelling back in the 1980/90s through sharing his personal stories about living with HIV in a time when one dared never to do such a thing. 

"Brian Finch effortlessly brings us directly into the scene as he relates his true stories. And because he's packed more life experience into any given month than most people dream of, those stories are fascinating." Sage Tyrtle, storyteller  

Joel West is a comedian and writer and has been known to talk to lamp posts. He was born in Montreal in 1961 and as a child appeared in the Oscar-nominated film “Lies my Father Told Me”. In 1976, while Joel was at summer camp, his parents moved to Toronto. Having tracked them down, Joel also relocated. At the University of Toronto he received several scholarships and awards, made the Dean’s list and, fearing that he might actually complete something, dropped out in his third year. He has worked as a short order cook, salesman, bookkeeper, messenger, technical support person and has received unemployment benefits on more than one occasion.

Joel has performed extensively in the Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto corridor and has also performed in Vancouver, Kitchener, Waterloo, Hamilton, London and Niagara Falls. He appeared in the, soon to be released film, Four Squared production’s “Conversion” a dark comedy of manners, written by Canadian author Kate MacDonald. He has also appeared at the Montreal Fringe Theatre Festival.

Joel has recently lost close to 100 lbs and is writing a book about his experience.

Spreading his style of high-energy humour to new audiences is Anto Chan’s life passion. Being present and engaging, he strives to bring groups of people together with his relatable amusings. His versatility in performance lies in owning the moment. A true hype man at heart, he brings hilarity, excitement and true emotion to the stage.


He was awarded the “Open Mic Hero” award, the “Smile” award for visiting patients, and his Comedy night at the Shanghai won “Best Alternative room” at the Ottawa Comedy Awards. Opening the mic to new performers has been a constant inspiration for him, starting multiple series including “The 13th Story”, “O’pun Mic” and “Varietea Party” in Hong Kong.


Inspiring others to share their personal stories through whatever form they feel comfortable pushes him to continue hosting poetry, comedy, storytelling and variety shows in the name of free speech. 


Kei Bai  is our newest member! Please welcome came and look out for her stories and hosting. More to come! 

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