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Inspired by the successful show Risk! Dare! is a monthly show where we can be vulnerable as performers and audience members, and push our boundaries in storytelling. 


AND you don't have to be a seasoned performer to be on Dare. 

Daringly told stories can be about overcoming challenges, surprises, or life changing situations, for a few examples. Did you ever commit a crime? Have you cheated on someone because it was in a different area code? Surprised by a medical diagnosis? Have you ever felt ashamed? These are but only a few questions that if you have answered yes to, then you have a story for us. 

Come join us every third Wednesday of the month at The Ossington, 61 Ossington Ave. 


Interested in telling a story? Check out below for contact and information. 

It's time to get personal

Want to submit a story idea? 


This show is different. We are all about daring and challenge ourself to go where we’ve never gone before. We are bold, emotionally raw, taboo, and take our masks off to see our own vulnerable selves. If you have a friend with an incredible story, dare them to submit to us.


Submissions should only be a couple short paragraphs long.


Tips for pitching: Dare! is looking for the following criteria in your story:


Dare Factor: These are stories that require some risk telling. They are personal and true. Emotional investment: We want to go on the journey with you.


Not your everyday story: There needs to be an element of braveness: Does it make you a little bit nervous to tell this story? It takes guts to get up there!


**We always recommend that is an especially difficult or emotional experience has just happened that you wait until there is enough distance so you can feel personally safe sharing your story.


Stories should be up to, but not exceeding, 10 minutes in length.


Click here to send us a brief description. 



Booked Storytellers:


Thanks for coming out to do the show. There are a few things we'll need from you: 


  • A short few sentence synopsis of your story. This is only for internal use to best order the flow of stories.


  • An equally short bio of a few sentences for us to use in a press release and event page. 


  • If you have a Twitter account please include it and we'll give you a shout out. 


  • If you can post the event and invite friends on Facebook we'd greatly appreciate it! Retweets would will get you even more love. 


  • Stories are up to 10 minutes long. We will light you at 8. If you are killing it we may let you go longer.


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